2023 Guide on Fix QuickBooks wont restore backup file

QuickBooks is a perfect accounting software for all aspects of business needs to manage business accounts, payroll, and invoices. However, one issue still occurs while the user is restoring the backup file. Most of the time, the file is corrupted, or QuickBooks versions incompatibility triggers QuickBooks restore failed. This article is intended to assist the user in resolving errors and smoothly restoring backup data.

Are you stuck in one unexpected situation where QuickBooks won’t restore the backup file? We’d suggest reading this article carefully till the last word But If you are not skilled, then contact 1-800-918-3257.

Reasons For QuickBooks won’t restore backup

The QuickBooks failed to restore backup is the common issue which occurs due to the following reasons.

  • The backup file is created using corrupted QBW(Company File).
  • The QBB file is being restored over an existing company file.
  • The Backup file is located in the Thumb Drive and Directly restoring to the network.
  • User isn’t using the backup file to restore the data.
  • The Backup File name contained Special Characters Like : *&^%_{“:.

Troubleshooting methods For QuickBooks restore failed backup

There are multiple methods to resolve restore failed issue in QuickBooks and You can start troubleshooting from method one.

Method 1: Check File name and Its extension

As we know QuickBooks backup file has a QBB extension, and according to QuickBooks norms, that can’t put any special characters in the file name. Thus, we suggest you check the File extension and name because If the issue occurs due to the name or distinct extension, you can quickly mend it.

Method 2: Avoid restoring a backup over an existing QBW File

  • While a window appears that asks where you would like to restore your file data, browse to a different location to restore data.
  • If the dialogue box prompt says, “File name already exists,”. Do you want to overwrite data on this file?
  • Click on “No“.
  • Next, Type a Different name or change location to save the currently selected file.

Method 3: Move file from Flash Drive or Network to Local

A local backup copy is advised before restoring one stored on network storage or external media like a Thumb drive. By doing this, you can prevent the backup process from ending abruptly in the event that the USB connection or the network are interrupted. A similar mistake during the restore process could result in the QBB file’s data becoming permanently corrupt.

Method 4: Use QuickBooks Desktop Same or Newer version

Backup can be restore in the Newer Version of QuickBooks desktop but can’t be done for older version. And below we have addressed with example.

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Backup File can be restored into QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Backup file cannot be restored into QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Version.

Note: Press F2 button to Find your QuickBooks version.


I Hope all the methods were precise enough to comprehend and resolve the QuickBooks restore failed issue. But If the problem is still striving, so you could dial 1-800-918-3257 to reach out Quick4Support experts, Our experts are skilled in troubleshooting.

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