Easy Guide on How to setup Bank account to QuickBooks

Do you want to link your bank account with QuickBooks? Although it is a straightforward process, anyone can make mistakes when trying to link their bank accounts to QuickBooks. No matter what version of QuickBooks you are using, connecting your bank account or credit card to QuickBooks can cause errors such as QuickBooks error code 102.

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Two ways to link your bank account/credit cards with QuickBooks software

  • Through the banking section.
  • Through your chart of accounts.

Steps to connect Bank/Credit Card via the Banking Section

  • Log in to your Intuit QB software.
  • Select Banking from the left menu. Then, go to ‘Create Account’. Search.
  • Choose your financial institution from this list.
  • Enter your user login id, password and institution URL in the ” Continue” box.
  • Complete security verification for your bank by selecting ‘Securely Connect.
  • Click on the bank emblem to select your bank. To create one, you can click +Add New.
  • Selecting ‘HTMODE_ Connect ‘ will allow you to Download the Past 90 Days of Transactions from QuickBooks.

How to link an existing bank account via the chart of accounts

  • Open QuickBooks and choose the gear icon at the top.
  • Click on Chart of Accounts to select the bank that you would like to link in action column.
  • Select Connect Bank from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow these prompts to complete the bank connection process.

Once you have connected the bank, it is possible to update the transaction download at any time.

These steps will allow you to connect QuickBooks to your Bank account. You can still get this error, or any other issue during the process. To resolve your problem quickly, you can call the QuickBooks4Support Accounting team at 1-888-704-1357 and they will assist you. Take advantage of QuickBooks team support and don’t delay!

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