What if QuickBooks admin password not working

A QuickBooks administrator’s password is required to gain access to all the data that a user has stored all of your information within QuickBooks files. Using a secure password safeguards your entire business from unauthorized access to the most vital information or personal information that is kept secret. But, the requirement to create a password can prevent you from accessing your information in the event that you lose the password. If you or any other user encounters an issue with admin passwords in QuickBooks, then you should take a look at this article. We have listed some of the steps to follow in order to reset or retrieve or recover your QuickBooks Desktop password.

QuickBooks is a flexible software that can assist you with managing your business information and monitoring the performance of your business, but also helps keep your vital business data secure. The multitasking software creates an Admin user automatically when you log in to the program on the very first occasion. Additionally, it permits users and you to create multiple logins as well as passwords. To protect your information, QuickBooks Desktop asks you for your password every when you or another user attempts to access the company file. Sometimes, security updates or other features could require you to change your password.

This article will provide information on resetting the QuickBooks Admin password and other passwords that you might have associated with using QuickBooks Desktop. If you or another user have experienced the same issue and need to retrieve or reset the QuickBooks Admin password or any other password for accessing the QuickBooks desktop, Here are some helpful tips to follow.

Prior Points While Recovering or Changing QuickBooks admin Password

Certain users can create or alter passwords for the QB Desktop not knowing the key factors for a secure password that is simple to remember. Here are some points to help you in resetting the admin password:

  • There shouldn’t be any spaces in the password.
  • Create a password that includes at seven characters (letters or special characters or numbers) with at minimum, one uppercase, at least one number.
  • Check that your keyboard works properly.
  • Passwords are case sensitive Make sure you check these keys in your keyboard Caps Lock and Num Lock prior to entering the password.
  • Keep handy Your fifteen-digit QuickBooks license number.
  • Utilize the login credentials for the QuickBooks administrator account.

With the information above in mind, you can begin the process of Resetting or Recovering Passwords for the QuickBooks Desktop in a secure manner.

To be used with QuickBooks 2020 and New Version
  • Visit your QuickBooks Desktop Login Window and select “I forgot my password” from the “I lost my login” option.
  • Choose to email you from the drop-down menu and click on “Next“.
  • The token will be sent in the email that will allow you to change the QuickBooks password for Admin.
  • Enter the code you were given. (The the token’s address will then be delivered into the junk folder. Check for the token in there).

Note: If you don’t find your email address, then select “Don’t see your email address in the list above?” option and follow the steps given.

To use QuickBooks 2019 and older versions
  • Recovering the Intuit Qb Administrator Password for 2019 or older versions
  • Resetting the Intuit Qb Administrator Password for the 2019 version or older versions
  • Start your QuickBooks Desktop Login windows and click on “I forgot my password”.
  • Then, you can fill in the details on the form.
    1. QuickBooks Desktop License Number By Pressing F2 key.
    2. Enter First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Area, Zip Code and Make sure details must be matched purchasing details.

Note: You can access all such account related information from CAMPS Portal(Customer Account Management portal), To Access CAMPS you need to Login into your camps.intuit.com and And If you are still having trouble then you can reset camps account password.

  • After that, click then “OK“. If the information provided is correct, you will receive a confirmation code in the top of the list within the CAMPS. The code will appear in the Spam folder. Check for it in there.
  • After that, QuickBooks will guide you to set up a new administrator password.

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What is QuickBooks Automatic Password Reset Tool?

Here are the following steps you can take into account and know How to use QuickBooks automated password reset Tool:

  • First of all, You have to Download QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool By click Download Now button Below.
  • Follow the On-Screen Instructions Carefully to install it.
  • Next, Open Automated password reset tool.
  • After that, Click on Open Company File and go to the folder and select the file which is locked-out.
  • Next, Click on “Yes” and Sign-in with QuickBooks associated Email address.
  • You will receive an OTP(One time password) code in your QB associated Email.
  • Enter the OTP code.
  • Once the authentication is completed, Create New password window will prompt.
  • You can enter a new password and make sure note it down somewhere in reliable place.


We Hope the written hacks about reset QuickBooks Password is informative enough to mend QuickBooks password related problem. However, If the results doesn’t come as expected, In that case you may need to contact Quick4Support Data Service Team, so they can assist you.

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