Troubleshooting “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Despite its robust functionality, users sometimes encounter errors that can disrupt their workflow. One such error is the “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” message. This error can be particularly frustrating as it hinders the smooth operation of QuickBooks. In this blog, we will explore the causes, symptoms, and detailed solutions to resolve this error, ensuring your QuickBooks functions flawlessly.

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Understanding QBCFMonitorService

What is QBCFMonitorService?

QBCFMonitorService stands for QuickBooks Company File Monitoring Service. It is a part of QuickBooks that ensures proper functioning and connection between the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and the QuickBooks application. This service plays a crucial role in multi-user environments, enabling multiple users to access the QuickBooks company file simultaneously.

Why is QBCFMonitorService Important?

The QBCFMonitorService is essential for the following reasons:

  1. Multi-User Access: It allows multiple users to access and work on the same QuickBooks company file without conflicts.
  2. File Monitoring: It monitors the QuickBooks company file to ensure it remains accessible and free from corruption.
  3. Data Synchronization: It ensures real-time data synchronization across different users working on the same file.

Causes of QBCFMonitorService Not Running Error

Understanding the root causes of the “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” error can help in diagnosing and resolving the issue effectively. Common causes include:

  1. Service Not Started: The QBCFMonitorService may not be started or may have stopped unexpectedly.
  2. Firewall or Antivirus Interference: Security software can block the service, preventing it from running correctly.
  3. Windows Updates: Recent Windows updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues with QuickBooks services.
  4. Corrupt QuickBooks Installation: If the QuickBooks installation files are corrupted, it can lead to this error.
  5. Network Issues: Network configuration issues or a poor network connection can prevent the service from running properly.
  6. User Permissions: Lack of necessary administrative permissions can block the service from running.

Symptoms of QBCFMonitorService Not Running Error

Recognizing the symptoms of this error can help in identifying and addressing it promptly. Common symptoms include:

  • Error Messages: Display of error messages such as “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” when trying to access QuickBooks.
  • Multi-User Mode Issues: Difficulty in accessing the company file in multi-user mode.
  • Performance Issues: Slow performance or QuickBooks freezing during use.
  • Connection Problems: Frequent disconnection from the QuickBooks server or company file.

Solutions to Resolve QBCFMonitorService Not Running Error

Here are detailed, step-by-step solutions to resolve the “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” error. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a successful resolution.

Solution 1: Restart QBCFMonitorService

Restarting the QBCFMonitorService can often resolve the issue.

  1. Open Services: Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Type services.msc and press Enter.
  2. Locate QBCFMonitorService: In the Services window, scroll down to find QBCFMonitorService.
  3. Restart Service: Right-click on QBCFMonitorService and select Restart. If the service is not running, select Start.
  4. Verify Status: Ensure the service status is set to Running.

Solution 2: Check and Configure Firewall Settings

Firewall settings can block QBCFMonitorService. Configuring windows 11 the firewall to allow this service can resolve the issue.

  1. Open Control Panel: Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall.
  2. Allow an App: Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Locate QuickBooks: Find QuickBooks in the list and ensure both Private and Public checkboxes are checked.
  4. Add Exception: If QuickBooks is not listed, click on Allow another app, browse to the QuickBooks installation directory, and add the QuickBooks executable file as an exception.

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Reinstalling the QuickBooks Database Server Manager can fix any corrupt files causing the error.

  1. Uninstall Database Server Manager: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, find QuickBooks Database Server Manager, and uninstall it.
  2. Download and Install: Download the latest version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager from the official Intuit website and install it.
  3. Restart Computer: Restart your computer and check if the service is running.

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks and Windows

Ensuring that QuickBooks and Windows are up to date can resolve compatibility issues causing the error.

  1. Update QuickBooks: Open QuickBooks and go to Help > Update QuickBooks. Follow the prompts to install any available updates.
  2. Update Windows: Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and install any available updates.
  3. Restart Computer: Restart your computer after updating both QuickBooks and Windows.

Solution 5: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

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QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool designed to diagnose and fix common QuickBooks issues, including the QBCFMonitorService error.

  1. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub: Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official Intuit website.
  2. Run File Doctor: Open QuickBooks Tool Hub, go to the ‘Company File Issues’ tab, and select Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  3. Select Company File: Browse and select your QuickBooks company file.
  4. Start Scan: Click on Check your file and start the scan. Follow the on-screen instructions to fix any detected issues.

Solution 6: Configure User Permissions

Ensuring that you have the necessary administrative permissions can resolve the error.

  1. Open Control Panel: Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts.
  2. Manage User Accounts: Select Manage another account and click on your user account.
  3. Change Account Type: Click on Change the account type and ensure it is set to Administrator.
  4. Apply Changes: Apply the changes and restart your computer.

Solution 7: Verify Network Configuration

Network issues can prevent QBCFMonitorService from running. Checking and configuring your network settings can help.

  1. Check Network Connection: Ensure your computer is connected to a stable network.
  2. Configure Network: Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
  3. Enable Network Discovery: Right-click on your network connection, select Properties, and ensure Network Discovery is enabled.
  4. Set Network Location: Ensure your network location is set to Private.

Solution 8: Reinstall QuickBooks

If all else fails, reinstalling QuickBooks can resolve the issue.

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, find QuickBooks, and uninstall it.
  2. Backup Company File: Before uninstalling, ensure you have backed up your QuickBooks company file.
  3. Download and Install: Download the latest version of QuickBooks from the official Intuit website and install it.
  4. Restore Backup: Restore your company file from the backup.

Preventing QBCFMonitorService Not Running Error

Taking preventive measures can help avoid encountering this error in the future. Here are some tips:

  1. Regular Updates: Keep QuickBooks and your Windows operating system updated to avoid compatibility issues.
  2. Stable Network Connection: Ensure a stable and reliable network connection.
  3. Monitor Services: Regularly check the status of QuickBooks services and ensure they are running correctly.
  4. Configure Security Software: Properly configure your firewall and antivirus software to allow QuickBooks to operate without interference.
  5. User Permissions: Ensure that users have the necessary administrative permissions to run QuickBooks and its components.


The “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” error can be a significant obstacle, disrupting the operation of QuickBooks, especially in multi-user environments. However, by understanding its causes, recognizing its symptoms, and applying the solutions provided in this guide, you can effectively resolve this error and ensure that QuickBooks operates smoothly.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Understanding the Error: The QBCFMonitorService is crucial for multi-user access and real-time data synchronization in QuickBooks.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Restart QBCFMonitorService, check firewall settings, reinstall QuickBooks Database Server Manager, update QuickBooks and Windows, use QuickBooks File Doctor, configure user permissions, verify network configuration, and reinstall QuickBooks if necessary.
  • Preventive Measures: Regular updates, stable network connections, monitoring services, configuring security software, and ensuring user permissions are vital to prevent this error.

By addressing QuickBooks errors promptly and efficiently, you can maintain the reliability and accuracy of your accounting processes, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your financial goals.

Final Thoughts

QuickBooks is an invaluable tool for managing business finances, and encountering errors like “QBCFMonitorService Not Running On This Computer” can be frustrating. However, this guide aims to provide you with the knowledge and steps necessary to resolve this error, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation of QuickBooks.

By following these guidelines, you can overcome the QBCFMonitorService error and ensure that your business operations remain smooth and error-free. Remember, if you ever find yourself stuck or unable to resolve the issue on your own, QuickBooks Support is always available to assist you further.

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