The philosophy of Quick 4 Support has always been to comprehend the various and particular needs of organizations all over the world. As a result, we think that providing tailored solutions will help meet customers’ needs. Using a variety of accounting programs, including Sage, we provide the best outsourcing accounting services. One of the best programs for managing a business is this accounting package. Startups, SMEs, and even huge corporations can use Sage. It has become much simpler to manage complex corporate procedures, payroll, and accounting thanks to its localized apps.

We have qualified specialists on staff who excel at fulfilling your requirements and have the necessary expertise. We are available to help you transition from another piece of software to Sage. We guarantee that our specialized services will work with the accounting solutions you require.

What are the features offered by SAGE Accounting Software?

Cash flow and invoicing

A robust invoicing system called Cash Flow Manager provides you with a real-time picture of your cash flow. It displays the balances of your cash accounts as well as the predicted inflow and outflow of cash. When you need it, it provides you with a clear view of your finances.

To receive a more detailed picture of your finances, adjust the cash flow settings. To view by a specific time period, change the time frame. You may also filter by the type of transaction, such as invoices, quotes, and purchases. To estimate potential future revenue and expenses, you can also add adjustment lines and amounts.

Payments & Banking

Purchase orders, invoices, payments, bank feeds, and account reconciliation are all part of the banking and accounts payable functions. Additionally, the inventory management system is fully connected with it. Any of these procedures can be automated to do away with manual entry.

For complete account and financial visibility, manage payments and link to your bank feeds. Automated reconciliation reduces the need for manual data entry and makes payment acceptances easier. Support for screen readers is active.

Advanced inventory management

Know what is available and what is being ordered. Keep track of purchase orders and keep an eye on inventory levels. To enter transactions quickly and keep track of prices and quantities, use inventory items.

Entering item data for the sales account, inventory account, and cost of sales account are the three steps that make up the basic inventory tracking procedure in Sage 50.

Then, each time you post a purchase or sale, Sage 50 automatically updates inventory and calculates and tracks costs and quantities by item code daily.

Job costing

Gain improved understanding of all your tasks and projects, and discover where and how much money is being spent. Analyze the time it takes for your jobs and projects to be finished and calculate the profit you expect from each one. Job records, phases, and cost codes are simple to set up. Track job costs using purchasing, inventory reordering, wages, and other methods. Throughout the course of a task, print reports to learn how much was spent overall and how much net revenue is still owed.

You can build reports to showcase this information, indicating if a job is over or under budget for any phase or task involved, if you utilize phases or cost codes. By changing one step before the task is finished, you can do this to help you keep your costs under control.


With direct deposit, paycards, or direct-deposit checks, you may simplify payroll procedures for your staff. 1 Keep track of personnel data, including the payroll checks you process and the taxes you collect from your staff.

Use the Payroll Setup Wizard and employee defaults to quickly get Sage Payroll up and running. Additionally, you may manage the hours used for vacation and sick leave as well as track employee tips as sophisticated payroll chores.

You can generate payments based on the hours recorded on time tickets during a payroll period if your employees enter time tickets for the hours spent working on projects.


Utilize over 150 studies, including those tailored to the manufacturing, distribution, and construction industries. Obtain the information you require to make wise business decisions.

Get instant reports on inventory, payroll, jobs, sales taxes, payables, receivables, expenses, and profits. Additionally, you may create brand-new reports, perform text searches inside of reports, and drill down to transactions on presented reports. For more specialized views, you can also use filters.

You can group reports, financial statements, and views together and print them all at once using report groups. When you need to print many reports or schedule the printing of multiple reports, use report groups.

Sage Security Shield

A market-first security package, Sage Security Shield enables small and medium-sized enterprises to immediately take charge of their corporate identity protection. Sage collaborated with Sontiq to offer Security Shield to Sage 50cloud users in order to ensure their employees’ safety and financial wellbeing.

Why should you choose us for SAGE over others?

We are recognized as a leading Sage accounting service supplier. Payroll processing, accounting, and bookkeeping for all shapes and sizes of organizations are just a few of the services our professionals are committed to offering you as the finest possible Sage solutions. By choosing us, you might put an end to your concerns about knowledgeable business judgement, effective management of the company, and operational efficiency.

Our qualified accountants offer you the greatest, most individualized solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs while maintaining standard industry procedures. We can serve as your one-stop shop for Sage outsourcing, and we think that by fostering our clients’ success, we ourselves succeed.

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