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How to Prevent QuickBooks Keeps Crashing 2022 when Opening Company File?

How to Prevent QuickBooks Keeps Crashing 2022 when Opening Company File?

QuickBooks keeps crashing when opening company file

QuickBooks offers cloud-based modern solutions in accounting and other business processes. It provides a variety of features and tools that facilitate these processes for medium and small-sized companies however, you could be faced with the problem when QuickBooks keeps shutting down. It can happen with or without errors. In this article, we’ll explore the many causes that could be causing the problem and the solutions which can be employed to fix QuickBooks crashing.

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Apparent Reason for QuickBooks Keeps Crashing

  • Due to the missing or Damaged QuickBooks user (QBWuser.ini) file.
  • Due to corrupted company file: You may experience QuickBooks crashes while open company file.
  • Incomplete installation of your QuickBooks program can also be the reason for QuickBooks crashes on startup.
  • QuickBooks Won’t open issue happen due to the Very low configuration.
  • In case the data file name consist any special characters [*()[email protected]#$$] or is too big.
  • Bex Error also leads to the QuickBooks desktop keeps crashing issue.

Troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks Crashes Unexpectedly

Here we have discussed multiple course of action to mend QuickBooks Crashes on startup problem.

Method 1: QuickBooks desktop keeps Crashing in single user mode

QuickBooks Tool Hub is the combination of multiple troubleshooting tools for QuickBooks, and Tool Hub is handy tool to manage and resolve QuickBooks crashing related problem. Look forward into these methods as we have divided them into 3 parts.

First Step: Download and Install Tool Hub

  • Open any Browser Chrome, Edge, Firefox.
  • Search For Download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
Note: In case you wouldn't find the Download link, So please Dial +1-800-918-3257 to get assisted by experts in downloading and fixing Crashing issues in QuickBooks.
  • Click on the very First Link in Google search Result.
  • Once the QuickBookstoolhub.exe file downloaded, So double click to start installation process.
  • Click on ok, yes, allow, and at last Click on Finish.

Second Step: Use Quick Fix QuickBooks Program

  • Right-Click on Tool Hub Icon and then select “Run as Admin“.
  • Now, tap on the “program problems”.
  • Select, “Quick Fix My program” Tool.
  • Turn around time of repair totally depends on the system performance.
  • Once the Repair process end restart the program and check QuickBooks Desktop.

Third step: Install Diagnostic Tool When QuickBooks desktop keeps crashing

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool is the tool which is meant to diagnose QuickBooks software program and its installation related problem like QuickBooks has stopped working or keeps crashing.

  • Launch QuickBooks Tool hub program.
  • Select For ‘Install’ issue tab in Tool Hub Home Screen.
  • Next, Select Install Diagnostic Tool and wait till the end of diagnose process.
  • Restart the system and Try to open QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 2: Manually Troubleshoot While QuickBooks open then closes immediately

QBWuser.ini file is an important file responsible for keeping all essential information about the users and their configurations during launch of the program. Damaged or corrupted QB.ini file could cause this issue. The solution is changing the name of the file. Follow the steps given:

  • Find the directory folder of the QuickBooks application inside the directory of your system( probably C drive).
  • Locate and open the (.ini) extension files in the folder.
  • Change the file names in the format Qbw.ini.old.
  • Include .old extensions to the files and save the file.
  • Naming them (.ini) files will erase all rundown records so you must open the company file , and then alter the file’s name.
  • It is recommended to rename DataStore.ecml to rename it DataStore.ecml file and then restart the device.
  • Try opening the application again , and check whether the error is fixed.

Method 3: QuickBooks crashes when opening multi-user mode (6190, H202, H505, H303, 6000 77)

Here in the Method 3 we have covered only network related troubleshooting like QuickBooks closes while switching into the multi-user mode.

First step: QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is usually comes in the picture where user needs to repair corrupted company file or QuickBooks keeps crashing while switching into multi-user mode. Follow the steps to remove QB issue.

  • Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub By double clicking on its icon.
  • Next, Click on Company File issues Option.
  • After that, select the File Doctor and then select for option to Repair Network and Company File.
  • The Turn around time of Diagnose and Repair is totally depends on the size of Company File(Usually It completes within 20 minutes)
  • Once the File Doctor repair Process End, Restart the system.
  • Open QuickBooks and try again to switch into multi-user mode.

Is Error still persisting? If so then you could try to perform second step where we have shared some manual ways to get rid of this issue.

Second step: Rename or Temporarily Move ND and TLG Files

  • Go to the Directory where your company file is located.
  • Now, Search For the file with similar name like your company file But distinct extension .TLG and .ND.
  • select the File and Press F2 Button and then Add OLD at end of Data file name.
  • Sample – My-File.qbw.nd.old.
  • In the End, Reboot the system and server computer. Check Are you still getting issue while switching into multi-user mode.

Additional Method

If the QuickBooks closes unexpectedly issue continues, you can opt to repair QuickBooks program. To repair QuickBooks Desktop you can carry-out below listed steps.

  • First- Close all running program from your workstations.
  • Next, Click on “Start Menu” and Search For “Control Panel” and Double Click on “Control Panel” icon to open it.
  • Now, In Control-Panel Choose “Program and Feature” option.
  • And In Program and Feature Lookup For “QuickBooks Desktop“.
  • Select QuickBooks Icon From installed app-list and Then Click on “Uninstall/Change“.
  • A QuickBooks Desktop Installation Dialogue Box will appear.
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • Select For “Repair” QuickBooks Option and Click “Next” button.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop Program
  • Next, Click on repair button to begin the QuickBooks Repair process.
  • Next, Select “Automatically Close and attempt to restart applications
  • At Last, Re-Open QuickBooks Desktop to verify QuickBooks constantly closing issue resolved or not.


In this article, we’ve discussed the different reasons that potentially cause QuickBooks crashes When Logging in as Admin and the different methods to resolve the issue. It is likely that you can fix the problem using the above methods. If you’re still having trouble with the issue, and you require assistance from an expert to guide you through the process of troubleshooting call Quick4Support via the Toll Helpline number 1-800-918-3257.

Frequently Asked question Why does QuickBooks keeps Crashing or Shutting down

Why My QuickBooks crashes when opening a company file?

A damaged company File is one of the biggest reason that prevents QuickBooks to interact with data file results in crashing itself. However, Make sure always keep your QuickBooks update to date to minimize the incident of crashes.

How to unfreeze QuickBooks Enterprise?

To Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop you need to Open Windows Task manager and In the Process Look up for QB related processes, select then click on End process. However, If the issue persists, Then you can opt to use Verify and rebuild Data utility.

What if QuickBooks hangs opening company file?

The very first step is you should try to open the sample company file and If the file opens correctly, it will help you to determine that issue is with your company file. Next, Open QuickBooks click on File >> utility >> Verify Data >> Rebuild Data.

Is QuickBooks has stopped working a critical issue?

Not at all, Because it can appear due to the lack of system resources, But it appears more than usual then you may have to concern about that because sometimes, It happens due to the corruption into database.

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